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The 1st EAI International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications

November 23–24, 2016 | Argentina

The 1st EAI International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications - 5G developing in the Americas

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AmericasComm 2016, will be held in Argentina, on November 2016 and is being positioned as the premier international annual conference for the presentation of original and fundamental research advances in the field of communications, wireless and internet applications. The aim of AmericasComm is to bring together American and international researchers and practitioners in wireless and communications under one roof.

AmericasComm will cover all Americas (North, Central and South) and focus on the state-of-the-art of wireless and mobile communications topics widely but each meeting, in addition to the general topics, will include:

  • Conference Theme, which will be reflected in particular technical sessions, workshops, tutorials, panels, keynote speakers, etc., as a highly relevant topic. 
  • Local engagement: Organizing host-country related activities (session, workshop, keynote speakers, demos, etc.) This would help the audience to understand the country's main issues related to local communications, like research, country-wide projects and initiatives, policies, challenges, visions. A high-profile person from ministry of communications (or related entity) could be invited to give a presentation.
  • Communications in Americas Session could be devoted to present and discuss technical papers related to communications aspects in particular countries or regions of the Americas. This could include not only typical research and development related topics, but also techno-economics, political, standardization, social issues and other subjects that are related to wireless an mobile communications.
  • Cooperation and Networking Session will aim at fostering more cooperation between local institutions, as well as cooperation between different continents. America, being is a very large and extended continent, will appreciate the possibility of networking sessions among entities across the continent. Certainly global cooperation will also be included.
  • Exhibition Session, particularly by local exhibitors, from industry, to universities and schools, official and regulating entities, etc.


  • Theme for AmericasCom 2016:  5G developing in the Americas

  • The event is endorsed by the European Alliance for Innovation, a leading community-based organisation devoted to the advancement of innovation in the field of ICT.
  • All accepted papers will be submitted for publication in Springer and made available through SpringerLink Digital Library, one of the world's largest scientific libraries. All submissions to this conference will be subject to rigorous peer review before included in the technical sessions. 
  • Proceedings are submitted for inclusion to the leading indexing services: DBLP, Google Scholar, Thomson Scientific ISI Proceedings, EI Elsevier Engineering Index, CrossRef, Scopus, as well as ICST's own EU Digital Library (EUDL).


Particular Topics for Americas Com 2016

5G developing in the Americas

- Spectrum and Regulations Activities towards 5G

- Heterogeneous Networks

- Development in Physical and MAC Layers for 5G

- Cooperative and Cognitive Networking in 5G

- 5G Prototypes, Test-beds and Demonstrators

- Novel and Disruptive Technologies for 5G

- 5G Businesses and Applications

- Etc.

Communications in Argentina

- Research papers on wireless and mobile communications (in Argentina)

- National Projects

- National Infrastructure: Development and Visions

- Regulation and policies

- Cooperation

- Etc.

General Topics

Fundamental Aspects of Communications

- Modulation and coding

- Signal processing for communications

- Wireless models, synchronization, estimation, equalization

- Transmitter and receiver design

- Multi-antenna systems

- Multiple access schemes, multiuser detection

- Interference mitigation and management

- Distributed coding and cooperative diversity

- Source and joint source/channel coding

- Spectrum sensing and wireless parameter estimation

- Synchronization

- Information theory

- Antenna and RF modeling and design

Technologies for Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks

- Network convergence / heterogeneous networks

- Cellular networks

- Short-range communications: wireless LAN/PAN/BAN, ad hoc, mesh networks

- Ultra-Wideband communications

- Mm-wave communications

- Wireless sensors & actuators networks

- Vehicular communications

- Optical wireless communications: Free space optics and visible light communications

Network Protocols, Architectures and Advanced Techniques

-    Protocols and architectures for wireless networks

-    Network architecture and planning

-    Channel coding, error protection, network coding

-    Multiple access techniques

-    Access control

-    Context awareness

-    Cross-layer issues in wireless networks

-    Cognitive and cooperative communications

-    Resource allocation in wireless networks

-    Mobile/wireless networks modeling and simulation

-    Localization and positioning in wireless scenarios

-    Optimization and game theory for wireless

-    Topology control, self-organizing wireless networks

-    Transport layer for wireless communications

-    Relays and buffers in wireless networks

-    Mobility management

-    Quality of service and quality of experience in wireless and mobile networks

-    Service discovery

High Performance Communications

-   Energy efficient networks (green communications)

-   Spectral efficient concepts and solutions

-   Reliable, robust and dependable networking

-   Scalable systems

-   Low complexity systems

-   Security, privacy and trust

Applied Communications

-   Implementation, test-beds and experimental systems

-   Applied wireless and mobile communications

-   Mobile apps and platforms

-   Regulation and standardization

-   Novel services and applications in wireless networks

Novel and Disruptive Technologies, Concepts and Visions

-   Wireless and mobile communications beyond 5G

-   Software defined wireless networks and reconfigurable systems

-   M2M communications and the Internet of Things (IoT)

-   Storage, smart caching, and cloud for wireless

-   Wireless social networks, participatory computing

-   Molecular and nano-scale wireless communications

-   New disruptive concepts for wireless systems

Communications in the Americas

- Research papers on wireless and mobile communications (with focus on local issues)

- National Projects

- National Infrastructures: Development and Visions

- Techno-economic aspects

- Regulation and policies

- Standardization

- Cooperative initiatives

- Etc.